Introducing the BackApp Chair

The BackApp chair is revolutionary. It’s at the forefront of workplace ergonomics and ergonomically designed furniture.

The BackApp chair works using the power of balance and your core body strength.

The chair features a red ball at its base which has adjustable levels of tension. When you sit on the chair it will sway slightly and you use your core strength to keep yourself upright. This constant correction your body does strengthens your back and your core muscles.

It’s the chair that gives you a workout whilst sitting!

30 Million working days were lost to workplace injuries in 2016

Why Use the BackApp Chair?

Backapp strengthens the neck
There is no doubt that balance training on a Backapp has a direct, positive effect on the back. 67.3% of specialists also feel that patients with neck problems would benefit from training on a Backapp, and 62.1% feel that sitting on a Backapp has a positive effect on neck function. It is interesting that so many think that balancing the body in a chair has a positive effect on neck function.

Backapp can have positive effects on the hips and pelvis
Backapp also exercises the hips and pelvis, and the open seated posture and the motion of the chair have a positive effect on these body parts. 49.5 % of specialists also feel that patients with hip problems would benefit from training on a Backapp, and 39.3 % feel that sitting on a Backapp has a positive effect on hip function.

Chiropractors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and physicians from all across the Nordic region recommend Backapp for their patients 
95.1% of specialists would recommend Backapp to their patients with back problems (348 of 364). The 18 persons who responded no, either had no patients, felt that the chair was too expensive, felt that the requirement for a height-adjustable table was too difficult or had opinions on the chair’s design.

You can sit comfortably on Backapp – while you are exercising and getting stronger
96.4% specialists also say that they sit comfortably on a Backapp, which is a clear benefit when you will be sitting many hours in the future!

Technical Specifications

  • The new frame is made from 99.9% recycled die-cast aluminium and is available in a Silver Grey, Black Grey and Polished finish.
  • The ball is moulded onto a tube that can be screwed into and out of the aluminium frame to control the tilt of the chair.
  • A tilt indicator with green and red colour is integrated with this tube.
  • A stop function prevents the ball from being removed.
  • Damping material is attached with double-sided tape that improves adhesion with use.
  • To simplify chair choice Backapp 2.0 only comes with one lift height. See the dimensions on the drawing.
  • The seat is slightly smaller and neater than before and has a rounded shape with a central slot to reduce pressure in the prostate area.
BackApp Product Images
BackApp Product Images

The results are in!

A study of 131 office workers was recently undertaken which monitored their use of thew BackApp chair. The participants were then questioned on their levels of pain and discomfort since using the BackApp chair.


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