What Do Your Doodles Say About You?

We all doodle; usually whilst on the phone or thinking, it’s a pouring out of our subconscious and can often reveal more about us than we realise.
Where you doodle and what you doodle on is not important, it’s the imagery itself which contains hidden elements of your personality. Although it doesn’t reveal anything personal, it can show you something you didn’t know you wanted or desired.
We’ll look at the most common doodles people create…



Squares indicated a need to be in control – this could be a specific situation in your relationship, at work or somewhere else and doesn’t mean you like to control people – it could simply mean you desire more control or structure in your life.
Squares can also mean you’re trying to subconsciously solve a problem or issue.



Very common, hearts can indicate you are a romantic deep down or your desire for romance.



Flowers have different meanings depending on how they’re drawn. Flowers with drooping stems or petals can show that you may be a bit of a worrier about things. Flowers that are drawn a bit healthier are an indication that you are a family person, and this is the centre of your being.
Flowers with round centres but pointed petals means kindness but tinged with a certain amount of mistrust.



Drawing people shows the person feels they are successful and have a healthy self-image. (A doodle of a person doing something harmful or bad is NOT a good sign and doesn’t mean a healthy self-image).



Drawing faces is interesting as it shows how the person either sees themselves or the world around them – you’d need to ask the doodler if the face is supposed to be theirs for a correct diagnosis of said doodle.
A pretty face shows a positive outlook on the world and an ugly face shows a negative view. Details on the face can also mean something important like details around the eye areas can mean your desire to be noticed. Likewise, detail around the mouth can mean a desire to be “heard” in life.
Drawing faces in a cartoon-like manner shows you might be an attention seeker, whilst round faces indicate an innocence.



Butterflies could mean you have trouble facing up to issues and would rather run away or bury your head in the sand. Butterflies can also mean you are a bit of a free spirit in your life and at work.



Drawing houses is very common but it can mean a few things. A neatly drawn house indicates a contented home life, but a messily drawn house indicates unrest and chaos, (it could simply mean you need a good spring clean and a sort-out NOT that you want a divorce).
A house on top of a hill is a sure-fire indication the person is lonely or FEELS lonely – you can be in a room full of people and still feel alone.



Chequered patterns indicate a patient and persistent person – someone who weighs up their options before jumping in. This can also mean you feel like you don’t have a place in the world, are trying to solve a major issue or you have self-doubts.


3D Boxes

These are similar to squares but have an extra dimension. Boxes show control or, similar to squares, that you are actively trying to solve a problem. Stacked 3D boxes are a bad sign that you’re feeling overwhelmed in life.



Build that wall! Brick walls are a strong sign that you feel there is some kind of barrier in your life, be it emotionally or physically, but just drawing a brick or scattered bricks not connected indicates you might desire to move home or it could mean some kind of home improvement you have in mind.



The classic arrow is an easy symbol to dissect as the direction of the arrow clearly shows its meaning. Upward pointing arrows are positive and can mean ambition, direction and motivation – you know just where you want to be in life. Down facing arrows means scepticism, pessimism and worry – not positive signs overall.
An arrow pointing to the left-hand side shows you’re in the past or desire to be in the past and a right facing arrow indicates you look to the future.



Crosses mean you feel guilty over something.


Names or Signatures

This clearly shows who is on your mind the most. It could be your own name which isn’t a bad sign – we all need to work on ourselves sometimes and writing out your own name or signature over and over shows you might need to address a personal issue. Or it could mean you absolutely love yourself and are arrogant, but probably not!


The Sun

Sunny days mean happy days and doodling the sun shows you’re just about alright in life – you are content and happy right now.


Squiggles and Zigzags

You’re a risk taker – pure and simple. Angular zigzags indicate aggression and direction – beware!



Things like planes or boats show a desire to travel, maybe just on a holiday or maybe permanently. These vehicles can also show your desire to “move on” which could mean in the workplace or in your personal life. Damaged vehicles or planes without wings could indicate your desire to travel or move on, but without knowing how to do so.



Stars are an interesting doodle. One big star indicates a clear goal in life whilst smaller and organised groups of stars show dedication and focus. Messily drawn stars indicate the person is a free thinker.



Spiders use their webs to trap insects and that’s what a web represents – the person feels trapped and unable to escape whatever situation they’re in.

We can, of course, become super complicated and combine two types of doodle to create a mixed message doodle. Upwards facing arrows with chequered patterns inside would indicate the person is motivated, wants to make something of themselves and has the patience and persistence to do whatever it takes.
A circle with a chequered pattern inside shows you could be feeling left out in life, and you doubt your ability and skills to rectify the situation.

Despite all this talk of analysing doodles, sometimes a doodle is just a doodle and has no meaning behind it… sometimes.

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