Types of Office Partitions

Office partitions are seen in offices all over the world, big and small. It would be surprising to find a modern office that doesn’t have at least one partition somewhere these days. They are useful, versatile and inexpensive.

They have a range of uses from creating a simple, single person temporary office setup, to something more elaborate such as a temporary conference room or boardroom.

Office partitions are perfect for any office, owned or rented, as they do not require planning permission and can be erected and dis-assembled with ease and in a relatively short amount of time.

Partitions are available in many different formats such as fixed partitions, movable partitions or demount-able partitions. Whatever your requirement there is an option for every style and function.

Imagine if your company suddenly took on extra staff to accommodate a busy period or a spike in growth – where do these new staff members sit and work from? It could be that a company merger creates new roles and consolidates offices – where do the new staff members go?

Thankfully that’s why office partitions exist and are so popular. New offices or departments can be created quickly and without fuss using office partitions. Whole floors can be divided, and new rooms created using partitions. Partitions also offer a natural level of soundproofing which can be enhanced using sound deadening materials in the walls or ceilings.

 We’ve determined office partitions are useful, but what types are there?

Wooden Office Partitions

Wood Framed Partition

Wood Partition

Wooden framed partitions are a good way to create new spaces but with a warm and natural feel. This might be used in a care home or a hospital setting where the natural feel of wood has a calming effect.

Wooden frames are handy if you want to paint them and change the colour scheme. Our wooden framed office partitions are made to measure and fit any space, and they offer a high level of fire resistance and natural soundproofing.

Wooden framed partitions can be constructed using Ash, Oak, Cherry, Beech or Maple.


Metal Framed Partitions

Aluminium Framed Partition

Metal Framed Partition

Aluminium framed partitions offer a sleek, modern finish. A smart look for a modern company, design agency, a dentist office or anywhere you want to give ultra-modern feel.

Metal framed partitions can be powder coated in any colour to match or contrast against your branding. They are extremely durable in heavily used offices and can be cleaned with ease.

Our metal framed partitions can be configured to fit any space you choose and help you maximise your office floor space. You can choose from a fully glazed option or part glazed to offset costs or to include soundproofing materials.

Frameless Glass Office Partitions

Glass Office Partition

Glass Office Partition

Frameless glass partitions look sleek and modern and are a great way of creating new space but without sacrificing light. Our glass partitions are fully glazed floor to ceiling without the use of metal or wood to join the sections. Each glass panel is made from ultra-durable glass and fixed using clear silicone. Each glass panel rests securely in a channel located in the ceiling and in the floor. This ensures the glass stays firmly where it should and provides a high level of safety.

Glass partitions can be configured with tinted glass which can match or contrast with your company image or brand. Our glass partitions do not require planning permission and can be easily removed if you move or vacate your office.

Our office partitions offer a natural level of fire protection and soundproofing: –

Fire Rating

Solid Partitions – up to 60 mins

Glazed Partitions – up to 57 mins

Doors – up to 57 mins

Acoustic Performance

Solid Partitions – up to 52dB

Glazed – up to 40dB

Doors – up to 30dB

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