5 Reasons to Refurbish Your Office


1 – You’re on the Move!

office reocation

Companies relocate all the time and for various reasons. It might be that you’ve hired new team members and they’ll need somewhere to work from. Or it could be you’ve downsized your operation and require office space more suited to your decreased number of employees. Whatever the reason, this should be taken as opportunity to refresh and refurbish your workplace.

Office relocation is a perfect time to plan out your working space properly and efficiently. Use this time to understand how your staff need to work and think about the location of resources and equipment that they may use on a daily basis – locate your staff near these resources!

Relocation is also the perfect time to plan out and create new spaces using office partitions. Easily divide whole floors temporarily using movable partitions or create light and airy meeting rooms using frameless glass partitions.

This could also be the perfect time to refresh and update your office furniture. Choosing a range of furniture that compliments your company branding can really bring the look of your office together.


2 – You’re Out of Date

Out of date office design

Nothing lasts forever, and whilst your trust office chair may have been supporting you for years, it’s time to look at some more modern and technologically advanced office furniture. Out of date furniture not only looks bad, but it can also be harming you due to incorrect posture! As your furniture ages, its ability to support you properly becomes diminished and it stops offering the proper level of support.

Your office might have worn carpet tiles which can present a trip hazard if the corners are peeling away, so investing in our recycled floor tiles makes perfect sense – hard wearing and 100% recycled, what’s not to love?

Invest in sit-stand desks to allow your staff the freedom to stand and work when they wish – this has been proven to combat fatigue and increase productivity.

Your company image comes into play here – would you bring new clients into a tired and outdated looking office? Probably not, or you wouldn’t want to, so take action today and make sure your clients and staff know you’re serious about your workplace image.


3 – You’re Behind the Times

collaborative working

The way we work has changed so much in the last 15 years and it’s so easy to get “left behind” as it were. Offices stuck in the past often present challenges that can be frustrating to your staff.

“There’s nowhere to take phone calls in privacy”, “I’ve got nowhere to work from” – sound familiar? All too often we see people trying to work in a more modern and efficient way only to be prevented from doing so by the lack of technology or proper space planning.

Workers these days tend to favour freedom in the workplace in the way they work and collaborate. Stifling this way of working can have a detrimental effect on output.

Creating spaces for private phone calls is a good idea as everyone wants to feel their conversations are private and this can be achieved with ease using an office call pod or office partition. Moveable, and with built-in atmospheric controls, our call pods are a popular choice for companies who wish to create private spaces quickly and cheaply.

Many companies now have hot desk offices – this means you never really have a desk to call your own, but also makes more efficient use of office space available and means desks are rarely ever unoccupied.


4 – You’re Getting Bigger

Man in Office

Portrait of businessman in a small office

It’s a common issue around the world; your business grows faster than your office allows. Hiring two or three staff a month can soon mean you’re at full capacity in your workplace. This might be temporary, or it might be long term, but something must be done about it.

There are really two options – move to a bigger premise, or simply look at how you’re using your existing space and see if there are any areas which can be opened up or repurposed for an alternative use.

This is a great time to think about all the other things in your office like the location of shared resources such as meeting rooms and reconfigure for best placement. It might be that you have a kitchen area that’s not used much anymore as everyone goes out for lunch – think about making that valuable space a working space again.

Think about collaboration and prepare to create spaces to share ideas, spaces to meet virtually and somewhere to think.


5 – You’ve Got It – So Use It

messy server room

Look at your current space and storage. As businesses have evolved over the years often working spaces haven’t, meaning there could be unused server rooms, unused storage areas or even a basement area that could all be given a new lease of life and add new space to your existing office.

Maybe you have an office full of old IT equipment – give it to charity and claim your space back!

Most companies could find new space by simply clearing out old equipment or changing the way they work. Find this unused space and put it to work for you, not against you.

We’re available to assist you with our expertise in space planning and office refurbishment – get in touch today and let’s get your workplace refreshed and reinvigorated.



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