Acoustic Panels & Soundproofing

We offer a wide range of soundproofing, sound absorption, sound diffusion and sound travel products, which we can incorporate within our designs/ clients requirements or provide them as a separate supply and installation service.

Our products range from acoustic panels for ceilings and walls, shaped panel curtain systems, moulded/ textured foam sheets – egg box and pyramid relief foam sheets, custom spray finished to any RAL/ BS number, concealed pads and high-density sheet materials for suspended ceilings and walls and up to sound masking/ white noise systems.

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Why Use Acoustic Panels in the Office?

Many of us now work in modern open plan offices designed for collaboration and sharing ideas. Whilst these types of working environments are great and improve productivity, there are times when becoming focused and being able to hear yourself think are important.

If you’ve ever been in a large room you’ve probably heard your own voice echo on occasion – if so then sound is reflecting off surfaces in your office and bouncing around the walls. This is an issue in offices where lots of people work and where there will be a constant noise present making it hard to concentrate or focus. Lots of people talking in an office creates a level of background noise which is worsened by bad acoustics.

This is where acoustic panels come into play.

Acoustic panels work to dampen sound and rob it of its energy and therefor reduce the ambient or background din of an open plan office making it easier to hear and concentrate. Sound reflects off of hard surfaces and, by using dense purposefully made fabric in our panels, the sound is absorbed rather than reflected.

We don’t suggest kitting your office out like a recording studio, but simply investing in good quality strategically placed acoustic panels or soundproofing options can reduce intrusive noise making the environment more comfortable for everyone.

Our range of acoustic panels come in many different shapes and colours. There are thousands of design options, to ensure our panels blend seamlessly into your office environment and become part of the room and not an eyesore. We can print images, logos and more onto our panels to ensure they reflect your brand – not the sound!

Our soundproofing options are made from a range of materials including recycled fabrics and plastics and come in any number of shapes and sizes – there’s something for every kind of office.

Our acoustic panels are perfect for offices, coworking spaces, restaurants, hotels and more – any space where people gather and talk is right for acoustic dampening.

Our panels are easy to install and are cleanable with some mild soapy water – in fact they should last a lifetime!


Acoustic Panels in Coworking Spaces

Using acoustic panels to dampen sound in a coworking office is imperative. Not only will there be confidentiality issues but also concentration challenges working in a large open plan office environment where your neighbour could be a stranger.

Acoustic panels in coworking offices effectively reduce the background noise allowing people to communicate without intrusive noise and work in a more comfortable office space.

Generally our panels can be wall mounted and printed on to look like art instead of an acoustic solution or they can be suspended from the ceiling – either way there’s no method as effective for reducing intrusive noise as acoustic panels.

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