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Office Call Pods & Office Booths

With the growing requirement for versatile, flexible and relocatable meeting spaces we have also increased our product range to include either bespoke or modular call pods, pod rooms, meeting room pods, modular and bespoke meeting and breakout area booths.

Our modular pod and booth system products are usually manufactured and pre-constructed, so when delivered the installation is quick, clean and instantly ready to use, a clean build in every sense.

Call pods range in size from one to two people and up to Pod rooms which range from two to ten plus people.

The bespoke side of these products is either designed and built to our designs or our clients’ designers requirements for that completely individual unique look.

All products can be fully accessorised to complete every client’s requirements and design, including sound absorption for increased Db ratings, power and lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, and if not part of the construction, added seating and tables.

Make private phones calls in an office call pod

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Why choose a call pod for your office?

  • Make calls in private
  • Meet in private
  • Review documents
  • Work privately

Call pods may seem like an extravagant thing to have in the workplace but having a call pod or phone booth may give your staff or colleagues that much sought-after private space that could be missing from your office.

Picture the scenario; you have an important call coming in and need somewhere quiet and discreet to take it. You do laps around the office in an effort to find this spectacular quiet space you hope exists – but it doesn’t. The likelihood is your call won’t be private or you’ll have to go up onto the roof or into office kitchen for some kind of privacy, or something just as far-fetched.

Sadly, many offices do not have quiet spaces at all. The trend in recent years has been leaning towards giant light and bright open-plan offices where you can see from one end to the other. Whilst these offices are bright and modern, they don’t really lend themselves to taking a private or quiet phone call – they’re more geared towards team working and collaboration, but the need for privacy still exists.

70% of offices are open plan

The option to use meeting rooms to make or take a private call is a possibility, assuming it’s not in use, although holding up a department meeting whilst you use the room for a phone call is not a great way to gain friends at work!

Fortunately, the solution is a simple one; office call pods!

Installing a call-pod or call-booth in your office provides much needed quiet space where you can work peacefully and discreetly without intruding or impacting on anyone else. A call pod provides not only acoustic privacy but can be configured with panels that do not allow anyone to see into the pod.

Our office call pods and office booths have uses beyond taking private phone calls. Our booths and pods can be used as ad-hoc meeting rooms, consultation rooms or used for just about any purpose you can think of. They are great for personal one-to-one meetings, perfect for taking Skype or video calls, perfect to review confidential materials other tasks where privacy is a concern.

Our pods are easy to erect, and they require no planning permission which means a speedy turnaround from order to installation. They are also soundproofed using the highest quality sound absorption materials adding that extra layer of privacy.

Office call pods and booths come in a variety of colours and finishes designed to work with any office décor whether it be subdued and minimalist or a bold and bright – there’s a pod for everyone. Multiple glazing options are available, with fully glazed office call pods, semi glazed or non-glazed options available.

In order to be flexible and appeal to a broad range of clients, we offer office pods and booths small enough to fit one person, right up to multiple person pods and booths with enough room for 10 or more people, making the most of your new space.

Our pods are a home from home featuring climate control, LED lighting options and they are fully powered with outlets for laptops and chargers meaning you can be fully functional when using one.

Your new pod is also a temporary structure that can be easily relocated or added to or taken with you if you move premises making it the best value choice when creating new spaces in your office.

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