Finance Your Office Furniture or Refurbishment

We work with a select number of leasing companies who are experts in arranging finance for office furniture purchases or fit-out and refurbishment projects.

If you wish to talk to us about finance then contact us today.

Why Use Finance?

-Preserves Your Working Capital

Cash flow is important to any business so why use valuable resources to purchase your office furniture when a finance option frees your business of the financial burden and allows you to use your cash flow to grow and run your company.


-100% Financing Available

We can finance 100% of your office furniture purchases or your office fit-out project including design and any audio-visual accessories required.


-Easy Fixed Payments

Your finance and your payments are fixed for the duration of your agreement – this helps to plan and budget accordingly.


-Tax Efficient

Financing and leasing is tax efficient and your payments are allowable as expenses against your profits.



Financing allows the freedom to add further investment without necessarily increasing your payments.


-Preserves Existing Credit

Financing can leave your existing credit lines free to be used to grow your business.

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