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In addition to creating unique and functional workspaces, we supply office furniture and accessories to help you complete your new work-space quickly and with minimal effort. We’re experienced in working with clients with a range of budgets and we know what will work for you. Leave the hard work up to us and we can select a range of options based on your budget and requirements. We supply desks, chairs, accessories and storage to make your workplace the perfect place to work.

We strive to use, wherever possible, office furniture that is made from recycled materials or is 100% recyclable.

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Why upgrade your office furniture?

Office furniture – you spend most of your day and a large portion of your life sitting on your office chair, using your desk and using the same appliances. In fact, the average person spends around 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime. That’s a huge amount of time and it’s no wonder many of us have suffered from back pain from badly designed or worn out office furniture.

It makes sense to update your furniture and choose ergonomically designed chairs, tables and appliances which will make life more comfortable for your staff.

You might not realise it but you use a lot of furniture at work including office chairs, office desks, desk lamps, office pedestals and drawers. You use these items every day – you’ll want to ensure they are quality and will last.


31 million work days were lost to back pain in 2013 alone!



A quality office chair will provide proper lumbar support and reduces stress on the lower back. Investing in standing desks, for example, give your staff options on how they position themselves whilst working. Ergonomics are vital to the well being of your staff and in turn their productivity.

Team Working

Make collaboration easier with furniture designed to support open working environments. Boxing staff into cubicles feels stifling, oppressive and old fashioned. Investing in furniture designed for collaborative working spaces naturally encourages people to collaborate and share ideas – which makes your team stronger. You can segregate an area to create an acoustically sound space without boxing it off.

Moving Office

If you’re moving office, you might want to take your existing furniture with you. Unfortunately, 90% of your furniture will probably need to be taken apart and dis-assembled before you move in order to get it from your old office into your new one. Things that are large like meeting tables won’t fit through a standard doorway and therefore will need to be disassembled before being moved. What if you don’t know how it was put together or don’t have the original instructions? This is the perfect time to assess what you currently have and decide if it’s time for some new office furniture.

It’s Old

No one likes to sit on a worn out shabby looking chair – and your clients wouldn’t appreciate looking at it either. Tired or broken office furniture is an eyesore but moreover a health and safety risk. Invest in quality furniture which is tested to be super fire retardant and designed to last many years wear and tear. You can also enhance your image with new office furniture and reflect your branding in the colour scheme if you wish

It Doesn’t Work for You

You need office furniture that works as you do and doesn’t slow you down or stop you performing a task. Your office furniture should simply enhance what do you and make you more comfortable during your time in the office. Choose new furniture that can save space, make the workplace tidier and improve health and safety.

Gone are the days when we had PC wires trailing all over the floor under our desks – now we have workstations designed to hide or facilitate cable management with channels hidden under the top to hold power blocks, cables and more.

Some workers prefer to stand whilst working so why not invest in sit/stand desks that mechanically raise and lower depending on how your staff want to work.

Existing Furniture is Cheap

Start-ups and smaller companies can be tempted to buy cheaper furniture because it just does what it says on the tin – a chair is for sitting, a desk is for working. Whilst this mindset seems sound, the adage “buy cheap, buy twice” applies here. Cheaper furniture is made with inferior materials such as chipboard rather than solid wood, plastic over metal, and vinyl over leather.

Cheaper furniture can get you started but it’s not designed for long term use in our book. Spending time to choose quality pieces means you’ll spend less money over time on your furniture and you’ll find it’ll probably still be in use many years down the road.

Conflicting Styles

Over time your office furniture can become a little bit of a mixed bag. Different purchasing managers, different tastes and different suppliers mean that over time your office can look a bit migraine inducing with a mixture of furniture styles.

Unifying the furniture in your office can bring the design of your workplace together and enhance the image by smartening things up. It’s not just the perception of your staff you need to think about, but also prospective clients as well.

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