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Partitioning Systems

We specialise in the supply and installation of office partitioning systems, frameless glazed partitions & screens, relocatable and demountable office partitioning systems giving full versatility and the added ability to reconfigure and redesign interior layouts. And as a client’s needs and requirements change over time, these may be increased or decreased in size, location, shape and use.

As well as offering a large and varied selection of partitioning products to suit any design or project specification, we also import specialist partitions and pod room systems based on their unique style, design and specifications.

Our relocatable office partitions are a quick and easy way to add extra space or segment space inside your office domain. Our office partitions can be a permanent feature or can be configured with single or double glazed window options and specified for fire and sound performance. With the added flexibility of timber, laminated or glass doors. Our office partition systems are quickly installed and ready to use, easily relocatable with minimal repair or making good for dilapidations.

We supply office partitions in many different finishes and materials ranging from solid wood and timber effect wrapped MDF, aluminium special effect wraps and powder coated to any standard RAL colour. Bespoke partition formations can also be designed/formed using angled glazing and coloured or textured glass.

Wooden Partition Systems

Great for that natural feel, wood partitions create warmth in the office and a more traditional look. Our timber partitioning systems come in a variety of core products, bespoke solid timber in several solid wood finishes including Oak, Maple, Walnut, Beech, Sapele or primed for paint finishing. Alternatively and as an off-the-shelf product, we have a composite wood partition system – consisting of a combination of veneer, timber and MDF with the addition of steel framework components for solid walls, allowing flexibility and the assurance of a designed relocatable system.

Newly available, we have a standard readily available aluminium system, and then we wrap it in a foil material to suit a vast number of wood coloured, textured or patterned finishes. – check out our bespoke partition system section.

Like most partition systems whether solid wood, composite or faux wood systems, they can be specified for fire and sound performance and configured for single or double glazed options, incorporating blinds and film manifestations, solid timber doors and frames, timber veneered or laminated doors and glass doors – framed or frameless.

Aluminium Framed Office Partitions

Aluminium partition systems are extremely durable and can be relocated or dis-assembled swiftly to minimise cost, waste and disruption. Aluminium partitions can be configured in any way that suits your requirements, with solid plasterboard walls, single or double-glazed window options, sound and fire performance and timber, laminated or glass door sets.

Our metal partitions are quickly and efficiently installed to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and you get to use your new space as soon as possible.

These partition systems are the most commonly used as they offer the most flexibility and versatility in choice and specification of product, ranging from entry level 50mm thick ‘0 Rated’ systems for simple cost effective room and partition screen division, moving on to 75mm to 100mm thick performance partition systems which offer fire and sound performance as standard.

There are more options available the most common being those mentioned above. If a system is not specified for a project or the client doesn’t know which system to choose for their requirements, MKG has the experience and expertise to select which of the many systems available would be best suited for a clients budget, look and performance requirements.

Colours are not an issue when it comes to metal partitions as these can be powder coated in any colour you choose, whether it’s to suit your brand or to make a statement.

Aluminium partitions can have additional trims added to cover seams and options to give a smart flush finish. A popular choice is to add blinds either externally or integrally installed within the double glazed glazing cavity for a sleek professional look. Also perfect for meeting rooms or spaces where confidentiality may be a factor.

Alternately for a more modern or creative look, film manifestations can be applied either for privacy cover or individual bespoke designs, all over cover wraps and company logos.

Our Aluminium partitions, as mentioned, can be specified with a soundproof rating of up to -52dB, and with fire with a fire rating of up to 60 minutes.

Note: sound attenuations and fire test results dependent on system chosen and system test result conditions.

Frameless Glass Office Partitions

Frameless Glass partitions offer a modern feel which is perfect for creating an “open plan” feel to any office space. Designed to allow the maximum amount of light through, frameless glass partition systems are less intrusive by design than traditional partition systems, but also offer as much in the way of privacy and discretion.

There are many options available in terms of glazing for your glass partition which include single and double glazed options, with the addition of either sliding or standard frame hung glass doors. For additional privacy, timber or metal door frames can be specified with timber veneered or laminated doors, frameless or framed glass doors too. In addition, privacy/shade blinds can be added to the glazed elements, but this can be dependent on the system specified on how seamless these may match in with this sleek minimalist look.

The most common application for privacy or to add to the contemporary look is the installation of film manifestations which can be applied either for privacy cover or individual bespoke designs, all over cover wraps and company logo designs.

Note: there are requirements for all glass and glazing elements to meet current building regulations, which MKG can give guidance and advice on.

As with all our partition systems, a frameless glass-based system can be erected quickly and cleanly, with less installation site time due to its minimal metal work construction and glass elements, which help reduce cost, waste and disruption to the office and its staff. We specialise in these types of system for this reason and they look fantastic too.

A relocatable frameless glazed system also offers an added bonus,  when reconfiguring, relocating or just dismantling a partition or screen there’s minimal repair or making good to be done – something to consider if you need to return your office to its original condition or when you vacate the premises.

We can also offer frameless glazed fire rated performance systems along with additional acoustic performance systems too. Please contact us for more information on ‘Fire rated glass partition systems’. In addition to the performance partition systems, we can supply and install coloured and textured glass into our frameless glazed partitions as well as screen partitions and wall cladding.

Bespoke Office Partitions & Screens

We’re now able to print virtually any design and pattern onto our metal framed partitions using our new Tap & Wrap™ system. Our bespoke office partitions are long-lasting, robust with an aluminium core and are fully relocatable and demountable.

Our print is bonded onto the surface meaning it’ll last a long time and allowing you to truly reflect who you are as a business. Our unique process also means many of our prints are textured to feel just like the real thing! Our wood print feels like real wood!

Allow your creative side to flow freely and browse just a small selection of our new available bespoke office partition systems…

Why Install an Office Partition?

Low Cost: Partitions are a great way of segmenting space in your office without the need for large building projects which could disrupt your teams’ productivity. Partitions are cheaper than traditional building jobs such as making new permanent walls or offices in brick or blockwork.

Practicality: Partitions offer flexibility – so you don’t have to worry about segmenting a space in your office forever. We know that businesses evolve, there are quiet and busy periods. For example, to accommodate a special project or offer a temporary working space to new workers a partition is a great semi-permanent way of making new spaces. These can be taken down, moved or reconfigured as required. A cost-effective way of making new space.

Privacy: An office partition allows privacy. For example, an accounts team could sit inside a partitioned office with blinds which allows full control on who can see into the room. This is perfect for confidential meetings, tasks or departments that work with confidential material. The type of relocatable partition system chosen in this scenario should be specified as a sound performance system, (and possibly fire too), to give a higher sound attenuation over other entry-level partition systems which will only offer minimal sound attenuations and ‘0 Rated’ spread of flame.

Image: A partition can enhance your company image by looking sleek and smart and can also have company branding or logos added to unify the feel of your workplace. It can lift morale and invigorate the workspace adding value, business and productivity.

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