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Bespoke Office Partitions

An office partition is a perfect way to create or add to space in your office without the fuss of a building project and without planning permission. There are great ranges of office partitions for you to choose from, but sometimes we yearn for something a little different.

When deciding how your office looks maybe a plain colour, or the standard choice of silver or black just doesn’t work for your office design. This is where a bespoke office partition comes into its own. Create something truly unique and one-of-a-kind with our new Tap & Wrap™ system. Unlike any other company, we can supply you with a completely unique, bespoke office partition that is unique to you and incorporates any imagery or design you choose. Our Tap & Wrap™ system which incorporates cutting edge technology from one of the world’s leading textile manufacturers, meaning are able to produce office partition frames in almost any design you want. From gold sequined office partitions to carbon fibre or wood effect – there are literally hundreds of designs to choose from.

We use our robust and strong aluminium partition frames as a base. We then apply our unique printing material and process to the frame which results in a bespoke and eye-catching finish. Our printed office partition frames are extremely strong and durable and are even able to be relocated and moved as and when you need it.

Have a look at just some of the finishes that can be achieved with Tap & Wrap™ – for more information, get in touch today…

Logo for tap & wrap system

Tree Bark Office Partition

This printed tree bark office partition strikes a nature-inspired mood – perfect for free thinkers.

Bespoke Office Partition Printed

Deep Blue Office Partition

This complex and deep blue colour promotes calm and strength, inviting you to be your best self during meetings.

Bespoke Office Partition printed in blue

Brushed Gold Office Partition

This gold printed effect adds a level of bling to your office, or it could simply be your favourite colour (we know you want it to match your iPhone really!).

Bespoke gold office partition

Deep Red Office Partition

This bold red colour can be empowering and focussing. Adding a touch of colour to your office partitions really can affect the mood of your employees.

Bespoke office partition in Dark Red

Burnt Wood Office Partition

This scorched wood effect partition would be perfect in a building with a lot of natural elements such as original beams. Or it could simply be used as a contrasting effect.

Bespoke office partition in burnt wood effect

Carbon Fibre Office Partition

Sleek and precision are the vibes given off by carbon fibre. Maybe the perfect option for engineering companies or certain manufacturers.

bespoke office partition with caqbon fibre

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Concrete Office Partition

This concrete effect printed partition draws on the design trends of today and can really add that finishing touch to your office decor.

Bespoke office partition in concrete

Cream Office Partition

Virtually any colour and any shade can be produced with Wrap & Tap™. This vanilla or cream coloured partition demonstrates the varying colour options.

Bespoke printed office partition cream

Daisy Printed Office Partition

This floral inspired partition would add some brightness to your office and also remind people of nature and colour as they entered the room.

Bespoke office partition printed with daisies

Oak Office Partition

When we install an oak effect partition and people ask where do we get the wood from, you know you’ve been successful. Our wood effect partitions last a lifetime!

Bespoke office partition in oak

Diamond Plate Office Partition

Our floor plate inspired partition is perfect in an industrial setting or an industrial inspired setting which many companies, such as ad agencies now adopt.

Bespoke diamond plate office partition

Polka Dot Office Partition

This funky design could be the perfect counterweight to an uninspired office design. Adding some colour into your place of work is never a bad idea.

Bespoke office partition in polka dot

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Grass Office Partition

This partition would be perfect for soothing busy minds, ready to face the challenges of a group meeting. Tap & Wrap™ incorporates many nature-inspired colours.

Bespoke printed office partition with grass effect

Green Leaf Office Partition

This leafy design is similar to the Grass design where it is supposed to promote a calm, collected mood.