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Frameless Glass Office Partitions

Frameless glass partition systems or frameless glass screens are designed to be connected “glass to glass” to create walls or new spaces in an office environment with the detail being on minimalist metal work components and flush/sleek looking seamless continuous glass with unobscured or uninterrupted vision and light through glass walls.

Frameless office partitions are quickly and cleanly installed with less installation site-time due to its minimal metalwork construction and glass elements, which helps reduce cost, waste and disruption to the office and staff. We specialise in these types of system for this reason and they look fantastic too.

Glass partitions are great for creating light, bright spaces inside your office and enhances the working environment using natural light and promotes more collaboration through transparency. Research indicates this has a positive effect and impacts our sense of wellbeing, in turn leading to increased productivity.

Frameless glass office partitions give a sleek look to any office and they let your clients know you’re serious about your workplace and in turn your work! Imagine how impressive prospective clients will find your new glass office partition to be and how this reflects on your company image.

We can also provide banded or “crittall effect” glazed walls and doors with these systems too.

Frameless glass screen or partitions can be fire safety and sound rated to meet project specifications.

You’ll need to add a manifestation to your glass walls (it’s law). We offer a complete manifestation service…

Glass Office Partition Advantages: –

  • Added value to your workplace
  • Relocatable and reconfigurable
  • Allows natural light to pass through
  • Makes people feel connected
  • Add manifestations or graphics to glass for creative or company identity
  • Sliding and hinged door options
  • Sound and fire rated performance options available
  • Retro-look banded glazing and doors

Soundproof Rating

Our frameless glass partitions naturally block unwanted sounds, (additional soundproofing options are available)

•Glazed partitions: Up to 43 dB
•Doors: Up to 33 dB

Fireproof Rating

Our frameless glass office partitions offer a natural level of fire retardancy...

•Glazed modules: up to 60 minutes fire retardant

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