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We’ve been supplying and installing office partitions in London for over 30 years. We’ve helped hundreds of companies create and enhance their workplaces and work smarter using office partitions.

We frequently supply and install partitions in London, from simple aluminium framed office partitions right up to frameless glass partitions, we handle any size of job and offer a complete partitioning service.

We’ve managed projects from a simple single office partition right through to full office floors, and helped landlords manage and transform their offices into vibrant and busy co-working spaces.

Office partitions in London offices are popular and a wise choice as spaces are often rented and our partitions are designed to require no planning permission and can be taken with you if you move locations. We offer fixed partitions or moveable and de-mountable partitions which can be used as room dividers.

We offer office partitions in London in a range of styles and finishes – from wooden framed partitions to sleek frameless partitions which give off an ultra-modern feel.

Our partitions can be branded with your company logo or colours using our manifestation service and our glazed partitions are offered with toughened fire-resistant glass to ensure they meet stringent safety standards.

We’d love to help you transform the space you work in, so get in touch for a free quotation…

What Areas Do We Cover?:

We have supplied and installed hundreds of office partitions and transformed numerous offices in London for our clients over the years. We cover most of London including the following postcode areas…

BR1 | BR2 | BR3 | BR4 | BR5 | BR6 | BR7 | CR0 | CR1 | CR2 | CR4 | CR5 | CR8 | DA1 | DA14 | DA15 | DA16 | DA17 | DA5 | DA6 | DA8 | E1 | E10 | E11 | E12 | E13 | E14 | E15 | E16 | E17 | E18 | E2 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E6 | E7 | E8 | E9 | EC1 | EC2 | EC3 | EC3R | EC4 | EN1 | EN2 | EN3 | EN4 | EN5 | HA0 | HA1 | HA2 | HA3 | HA4 | HA5 | HA6 | HA7 | HA8 | HA9 | IG1 | IG11 | IG2 | IG3 | IG6 | IG8 | KT1 | KT2 | KT3 | KT4 | KT6 | KT9 | N1 | N10 | N11 | N12 | N13 | N14 | N15 | N16 | N17 | N18 | N19 | N2 | N20 | N21 | N22 | N3 | N4 | N5 | N6 | N7 | N8 | N9 | NW1 | NW10 | NW11 | NW2 | NW3 | NW4 | NW5 | NW6 | NW7 | NW8 | NW9 | RM1 | RM10 | RM12 | RM13 | RM14 | RM2 | RM3 | RM4 | RM5 | RM6 | RM7 | RM8 | RM9 | SE1 | SE10 | SE11 | SE12 | SE13 | SE14 | SE15 | SE16 | SE17 | SE18 | SE19 | SE2 | SE20 | SE21 | SE22 | SE23 | SE24 | SE25 | SE26 | SE27 | SE28 | SE3 | SE4 | SE5 | SE6 | SE7 | SE8 | SE9 | SM2 | SM3 | SM4 | SM5 | SM6 | SM7 | SW1 | SW10 | SW11 | SW12 | SW13 | SW14 | SW15 | SW16 | SW17 | SW18 | SW19 | SW1A | SW2 | SW20 | SW3 | SW4 | SW5 | SW6 | SW7 | SW8 | SW9 | TN14 | TN16 | TW1 | TW10 | TW11 | TW12 | TW13 | TW14 | TW3 | TW4 | TW5 | TW7 | TW8 | TW9 | UB1 | UB10 | UB2 | UB3 | UB4 | UB5 | UB6 | UB7 | UB8 | UB9 | W1 | W10 | W11 | W12 | W13 | W14 | W1M | W2 | W3 | W4 | W5 | W6 | W7 | W8 | W9 | WC1 | WC2

Benefits of Office Partitions

  • Quick & easy to install
  • Minimal mess & disruption
  • No planning permission required
  • Can be moved if you move
  • An easy way to create new space
  • Adds privacy to open office environments

Why Choose Us?

30 Years Experience

We've been enhancing office spaces and installing office partitions for 30 years. Our experience speaks for itself when it comes to selecting the right products for the workplace and finishing the work on time. We've helped hundreds of businesses create unique and functional workspaces for their employees, created new floors and converted traditional offices into successful co-working offices.


We believe in doing something we say we will - that's why we're proud of our reputation as being reliable and dependable and why we continue to work with clients year after year.


We pride ourselves on being dependable - doing what we say we will and being there on time. Our work is as important to us as it is to you therefor, we treat each job like it were our own premises and do the very best job possible.


Once we start working with you, we are committed. We pride ourselves on finishing what we start and to our clients' exacting specifications. Our commitment means you're in a safe and trusted pair of hands.


The quality of our work speaks for itself! We work hard for every client and every job. No matter how big or small a project is, we strive for the very best results for EVERY client. Our consistent work has meant we have a strong reputation in the industry and we often get asked to fix mistakes by less experienced companies.


We ALWAYS work with safety in mind, taking careful measures to ensure workplace disruption is kept to a minimum and that health & safety procedures are followed at all times.

Office Refurbishment Quote Accepted
Health and Safety come first when refurbishing offices or erect glass partitions

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Our Services

We offer many services at McKelvie-Gibbs and have honed our skills over our 30-year history to become experts in what we do. In addition to our full partition service which includes frameless glass partitioning, aluminium framed partitioning and wooden framed partitions – we offer many other services – click on them to find out more.

Office Refurbishment

We offer a full office refurbishment and fit-out service. We’ve transformed hundreds of offices over the years and have helped companies work smarter and with increased efficiency. We can help you re-work your existing space to bring teams closer together, incorporate new departments, create open-plan offices and more. Our expertise is in knowing just how to handle large projects in a busy working environment to minimise disruption and carry out the work in a safe and timely manner.


Office Furniture

We supply quality office furniture to many of our clients across the UK and we work with ergonomic manufacturers to ensure the items we supply work with your body to offer support in key areas. Our furniture suppliers are located all over the world and we can offer different trends and looks from across the globe to enhance your workplace. We can source furniture in any colour or material to give that finishing touch to your office refurb or office fit-out.


Design & Build

We can design anything; from a reception centrepiece to a bespoke set of stairs. Whatever it takes to make our clients’ offices look their best! We’ve been asked to design and build a multitude of bespoke items over our history ranging from bespoke wall coverings to glass balustrades and more. We work with our in-house design team to ensure consistency and control over the process.

Acoustic Products

Acoustics and soundproofing are essential in modern offices these days – in fact, you’ve probably seen many of these acoustic panels but they are cleverly disguised as artwork They come in many different formats from wall mounted acoustic panels to shapes that hang from the ceiling. These panels work to deaden reverberation and echo in large open plan offices – they can become very noisy places if not thought about in a strategic way. We offer a huge range of acoustic and soundproof solutions.


Call Pods and Office Booths

Our office call pods and booths are a great and modern way of adding a discreet, quiet space to an open plan office. Our pods and booths require no planning permission and are a great way to add a meeting room to your office or a place to work in private if the need arises. Our pods and booths have their own power and temperature controls. We offer hundreds of designs and sizes of call pods and booths and these can be enhanced with soundproofing materials to increase privacy.



We work with glass every day. It’s a great medium to work with as it allows in natural light which is much better for us than artificial lighting, it’s a natural product and is very sustainable. We’ve been asked many times over the years to create bespoke glass pieces for our clients. In all the years we’ve been operating we’ve created bespoke balustrades for glass stairways, created glass stairs, bespoke glazing and more.