Office Refurbishment Hitchin

Office Refurbishment Hitchin

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We’ve transformed and refurbished numerous office space for our clients in Hitchin over the course of our 30-year history.

Hitchin is a small town in Hertfordshire that has the curiosity of being home to an ancient tribe called the Hicce tribe dating back to the 7th century. The town has become home to some 34,000 people and we’re excited to support business in Hitchin now and far into the future.

Hitchin is home to many small businesses ranging from florists, recruitment agencies, art studios, antique shops and many, many more.

Having an office refurbished can help motivate staff and unify your company via branding. An office fit-out should be considered periodically as it can be very common to find demotivated staff in a workplace and simply reinvigorating the space around them can reinvigorate the staff themselves.

Motivated staff go that extra mile, sell more and produce more so investing in their environment seems like a no-brainer.

Refurbishing an office can include space planning and the redesign of floor space to better help staff perform their tasks with minimal wasted time. A fit-out can also help deliver a dedicated breakout area or relaxing spot for your staff to help clear their minds and refocus on their work.

Refurbishing can be paid for using our finance option to help spread the cost.

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What Areas Do We Cover?:

We have refurbished numerous offices in Hertfordshire for our clients over the years. We cover most of Herts including the following areas…

Why Choose Us?

30 Years Experience

We've been enhancing office spaces and installing office partitions for 30 years. Our experience speaks for itself when it comes to selecting the right products for the workplace and finishing the work on time. We've helped hundreds of businesses create unique and functional workspaces for their employees, created new floors and converted traditional offices into successful co-working offices.


We believe in doing something we say we will - that's why we're proud of our reputation as being reliable and dependable and why we continue to work with clients year after year.


We pride ourselves on being dependable - doing what we say we will and being there on time. Our work is as important to us as it is to you therefor, we treat each job like it were our own premises and do the very best job possible.


Once we start working with you, we are committed. We pride ourselves on finishing what we start and to our clients' exacting specifications. Our commitment means you're in a safe and trusted pair of hands.


The quality of our work speaks for itself! We work hard for every client and every job. No matter how big or small a project is, we strive for the very best results for EVERY client. Our consistent work has meant we have a strong reputation in the industry and we often get asked to fix mistakes by less experienced companies.


We ALWAYS work with safety in mind, taking careful measures to ensure workplace disruption is kept to a minimum and that health & safety procedures are followed at all times.

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Health and Safety come first when refurbishing offices or erect glass partitions

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