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SmartBlock Pods

The most advanced workspace solution for bringing people together

The essence of Smartblock is its ability to provide a distraction-free meeting place in busy offices and public spaces.

Once installed, Smartblock cubes are 100% ready for use. Thousands of people use Smartblock every day in office and public spaces such as lobbies, service centres, libraries and education. Smartblock cubes are the perfect solution for a modern way of working and collaboration.

SmartBlock FD Pod

Smartblock FD is a complete solution that offers all the tools and features for solo work, presentations and conference calls as well as for meetings. The integrated 32″ Full HD Samsung monitor turns on automatically when a data source such as laptop or smartphone is connected. The remote control is no longer needed. HDMI and other connector cables are retractable. They are always available when needed. Directional speakers help to keep the sound within the pod, and they can be used for conference calls, audio for presentations and music.


SmartBlock C4 Pod

Glass-enclosed entry to the C4 greatly enhances the acoustics in all circumstances. Ambient noises are well muted and confidential conversations stay within the pod. With an optional vinyl wrap on the glass, it is easy to raise the privacy level. Smartblock C4 is perfect for up to four people.


Samsung DM-E Series 32″ Full HD Screen | Directional flush-mounted speakers in the ceiling (2) | Smart Philips HUE LED lights with adjustable colour temperature and dimmer (4) | Electrical outlets (110-240 VAC) (2) | Retractable HDMI and audio cables Ergonomic seating | Ergonomic height table (top 29″ / 740 mm) from the floor of the pod | Acoustic wall panels | Embedded lockable wheels | Glass: Approximately 3/8″ (10 mm) tempered glass | Controlled air flow | Electrical: 100-240 VAC (+/-10%), 50/60 Hz


W 86.6″ (2200 mm) x D 63″ (1600 mm) x H 88.5″ (2250 mm) | Weight 1,323 lbs. (600 kg) | Required floor space: 37,7 Sq. Ft. (3.5 m2)

SmartBlock FA Pod

Smartblock FA is a peaceful work and meeting space. Without the monitor, speakers and connector cables the FA is a simplified version of the Smartblock FD. It’s an excellent alternative for areas where A/V technology is not required but focus on the task at hand is crucial. Lobbies, business entry halls and travel hubs are places where the FA’s typically are used.

SmartBlock HA Pod

Smartblock HA is the smallest model of our pods. It’s great for phone calls, one-on-one meetings or just for contemplating. The HA is only 31.5″ (2.6′) deep and can easily fit into narrow hallways and corridors. With its 18.8 Sq. Ft. footprint, it only requires about same space as a 7-foot sofa. Thanks to its compact size one person can easily move it around as needed.

SmartBlock Talktime Pod


Smartblock Talktime offers intimacy for important calls and video conferencing. Smartblock Talktime is a one-person smart pod, optimized for one-to-one remote meetings. The interior offers an acoustically sound environment for distraction free working.

Available in a range of colours and finishes, this stylish workplace haven will surely become an office favourite. With integrated changeable lighting it can become an energised or chilled out space and its connectivity means it can adapt to every task.

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